Ahmed Askalany: the politics of form

Sep 17 2014 | by Yasmine Allam A-Askalany

Egyptian sculptor Ahmed Askalany is prolific in his practice, drawing his subject matter from what he terms ‘scenes of real life’.

A Memorial to Failure, 2013 May 25 2014

Mahmoud Khaled: ‘Painter on a Study Trip’ by Yasmine Allam

‘Painter on a Study Trip’, the compelling solo exhibition by Alexandria-based artist, Mahmoud Khaled, was presented by Gypsum Gallery in April.

composition, 2014. May 25 2014

Photo Essay: ‘Painter on a Study Trip’ by Cairo Art Blog

In Mahmoud Khaled’s recent solo show, a fictional arts student is inspired by a 19th century painting and visits the Antoniades garden in Alexandria.

Toys 2014. May 13 2014

Photo Essay: ‘Toys’ by Hany Rashid by Cairo Art Blog

Hany Rashed presents contemporary human beings as living a freedom that is constrained. They move like toys according to rules dictated from above.

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